B&C The Shirt Culture


Clothes make the person.

We instinctively tend to trust those who are well groomed more than those who are not. Looking good also puts us at ease. When we feel attractive, we feel more confident and in control.When wearing a shirt, this confidence comes from getting all the details right. B&C–The Shirt Culture was born from this need, integrating the highest quality details in a collection of 20 well-crafted and perfectly balanced corporate shirts for men and women, in long and short sleeve versions.

Let us help you on your path to stylishness. We have collected the best and most fashionable advice as well as the most important genuine codes of shirt elegance, to guide you to choose the right shirt and to feel great wearing it.

It will become your guide to developing a clearer, stronger and more confident sense of shirt style. Pick your perfect shirt, apply the tips, add the codes of elegance to your outfit and enjoy being well-dressed everyday.